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Sharper Image is proud to offer Surface Organic Hair Products.


All Surface Products are Formulated with Sustainable Harvested Ingredients and Certified Organic Botanicals


Color Vita Complex - Ceramide III Vitamin A,C,E Antioxidants

- Infused in all Surface Products


Palm and Coconut Oils Cleanse Gently and Thorough


Babassu Botanical Penetrating Oil Imparts Moisture, Shine and Softens


Vegan Cationic Proteins of Amaranth, Keravis and Soy Maximize Repair


Sugars and Corn Starch Provide Resilient Humidity Resistant Styling


Awaken Mineral Ferments and Botanical Extracts Aid in Healthy Cell Reproduction, Anti-Aging, Creating A Healthy Scalp and Maximizing Thinning Hair.


Tourmaline Kiyoseki Crystal Fusion (TK2). Maximize condition, color and speed styling time.


Heat Maximizes the Performance of the Color Vita Complex, Botanical Penetrating Oils, Vegan Protein and TK2.   Heat is good for all Surface Hair Care and Styling Products.


Surface is formulated with plant derived aromas and product colors are the natural color of the ingredients. No added dyes.


Free Of – Sulfates, Gluten, Parabens, Animal Protein, Mineral Oil, and phthalates


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